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More Testimonials


William Cousins

Guildford School of Acting (GSA) 2014

"In the seven or so years I have been involved with Emma Burnett and the Mad Fish community, she has never failed to amaze me with her knowledge, exuberance and enthusiasm for the Arts. She applies her experience in the professional world directly within her teaching, creating polished and slick performers that work or will work within the industry. This is constantly reflected through the excellent examination results with the prestigious London College of Music (LCM). I feel highly privileged to be part of Mad Fish Singing Studio as both a pupil, and indeed a teacher, and look forward to seeing the studio continue to thrive and achieve every success!"


Cheryle Bywater 

Mother of Hetti Bywater

“Emma, you have been such a great influence in her career. And she really is grateful for all your input over the last decade. Mad Fish has a major help in all she has achieved.  Thanks to people like you in her life instilling confidence she has started on her chosen path.”

"We give you wings so you can fly"


Kirstie Wilde

East 15 Acting School 2014

"I've been singing with Em for many years and consider her not only as a teacher but as a good friend. She has really aided my progress as a performer. Lessons are always a great laugh, as are the concerts and summer schools."


William Cousins

Guildford School of Acting (GSA) 2014

"In the seven or so years I have been involved with Emma Burnett and the Mad Fish community, she has never failed to amaze me with her knowledge, exuberance and enthusiasm for the Arts. She applies her experience in the professional world directly within her teaching, creating polished and slick performers that work or will work within the industry. This is constantly reflected through the excellent examination results with the prestigious London College of Music (LCM). I feel highly privileged to be part of Mad Fish Singing Studio as both a pupil, and indeed a teacher, and look forward to seeing the studio continue to thrive and achieve every success!"


Cheryle Bywater 

Mother of Hetti Bywater

“Emma, you have been such a great influence in her career. And she really is grateful for all your input over the last decade. Mad Fish has a major help in all she has achieved.  Thanks to people like you in her life instilling confidence she has started on her chosen path.”


Paul Roberts

The Stranglers - Studio Patron

"Mad Fish came along quite out of the blue and I felt I had to become a patron to such an excellent studio.They have amazed me with how many great vocalists - under the fantastic guidance and care of Emma Burnett - they have produced.The kids are treated as individuals which is so obvious from their performances and they really do all have their own voices. It is a privilege to see and hear them and the wonderful work Emma puts in and in my opinion they have a very bright future and I am more than happy to help wherever I can".


Robyn Ashwood

Sound of Music National Tour, Lavender - Matilda - West End

 "I love singing , singing is my life but before i met Emma i could not sing in front of people now i sing in front of up to 2000 people. Emma made me believe i could do it , and now i am so happy as i get to do concerts, shows and solos. Emma you're the best . x"


Tiffany Wells

Laine Theatre Arts & Performers College.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work! I'm so excited and my voice is all down to you! xxx"


Steve Furst

Studio Patron, Actor, Comedian, Musician and Writer

'I love what Mad Fish sets out to to. As the arts are being continually marginalised in education, courses like the ones run by Mad Fish become more and more important. I am only too happy to lend whatever support I can to Emma and all at the singing studio.'


Jeff Topp

Appleyard Recording Studios

"Emma has been a big supporter of Appleyard Studios. Knowing and working with Emma is always fun but very professonal. Vocally she gets the best out of all her students as well as giving them a chance to shine on stage and to perform professionally. There is only one singing teacher in Sussex and that is Emma. Mad Fish rule!!"


Amber Blackman


"I have been taught by Emma for 10 years, joining Mad Fish has given me a massive confidence boost in myself and my singing by learning various techniques to help develop my voice. I now feel comfortable to perform to various audiences. But Mad Fish is such a 'Mad' company, everyone is so warm and welcoming which has allowed me to gain great friends to experience our talents together. I will be with Mad Fish for years and years to come, the teachers are amazing and so talented. The one to one time you get really benefits you by gaining tips and skills from professionals. I love being a Mad Fish!!!! "


Bethany Rands-Walsh

Annie National Tour

"where do i start!!! i remember when i first joined mad fish, wanting to be a confident young performer. I love what I do with you and enjoy every minute of it . I have improved so much over the last couple of terms thanks to you. Mad Fish is an environment full of dedication and encouragement but most of all a place that's bursting with fun!!! You are so much more than just my teacher !! looking forward too many more years with mad fish all my love bethany xxxxxxxx


Faiza Shafeek

Group events Coordinator JPS South Events

"I have only good things to say about Emma Burnett. Like many people who excel in their professional lives, she is modest because she has nothing to prove. I first met Emma through the various talent shows that I organize through JP South Events and Johnston Press Newspapers. She has been both a headline sponsor and category sponsor of these shows and most recently, a fair, impartial and highly constructive judge. She is thoughtful, professional and most of all generous, giving freely of her time, her talents and the fruits of her experience to all those who might benefit from listening to her and being taught by her. Emma is the 'real deal'. A talented and inspiring performer, teacher and mentor, she is that rarest of all people...someone with a huge talent but without the ego to match."


Lucy Gape

Skins, Doctors, Hollyoaks - Evita National Tour

"I can't really put into words how thankful I am to Emma. Learning with her has done wonders for my confidence in performance. My singing voice is so much improved from when I first began singing with her. The thing about Emma is, she's so supportive and encouraging. She's a wonderful teacher; she gets to know your voice, knows what suits you vocally and where you can improve. Before you know it, you're singing with complete ease. What's more, she's one of the nicest, most loveliest people I know!"


Jemma Jacobs


"Mad Fish has made such a positive impact on my daughter. She has always loved to perform and through the wide variety of classes, workshops, performances and support that this fantastic team offer she has been able to really shine, develop and improve within the short time she's attended. Not only do the Mad fish team encourage and guide the children with improving their performance skills but they also focus on building great relationships amongst the students and teachers. 

Thank you for everything you do and for the amazing opportunities you have given to my daughter Darcy"


Kim Wells


"My daughter has been having lessons with Emma for over two years and has now been offered a place at Laine Theatre Theatre Arts College. Everytime we hear her sing we recognise an Improvement.Emma is an excellent coach, and totally committed to all of her students.She is always on hand for students needs.Assisting them in achieving recognised exams resulting in UCAS points towards University.Preparing and organising them for auditions, helping them to achieve their dreams.I would not hesitate in recommending Emma to anyone"


Paige-Marie Baker-Carroll


"Emma what can I say your the best teacher in the whole world and I don't say it enough. I remember the first time I came to you I was so scared to get on a stage and after being with mad fish for a couple of years now I enjoy every performance I do.I come to mad fish because you are an inspiration to me . My targets to be as good as you one day . I know I never will be able to achieve this target because you are one in a million. I LOVE YOU MAD FISH!!! "


Carl Parsons

02 Final & Britains does Variety Final Sky TV

" I have reailised how wounderful Emma is, she has really helped me to improve on my vocals and my breathing too. She is very patient and really suportive. I really enjoy my lessons at mad fish and look forward to them. My sister has lessons now and she has really improved as well. If any one is thinking of joining emma you won't be disapointed!!"


Lauren Creasey


"Mad Fish is amazing. It is the best place to go singing - ever! I have been a mad fish for nearly 3 and a half years and over that period of time, i have grown so much. From my first lesson with Emma, she was honest, and has a great style of teaching. She knew from the start that my voice was breaking and showed me different exercises to control my breathing. From the first concert, which was filled with brilliant performances from all ages, I knew that i wanted to stay a Mad Fish. I stay at Mad Fish because i know that i will not get a better quality singing teacher anywhere else in England {or France!}. Being a Mad Fish has helped me gain alot of confidence and believe in myself. Me and my sister love Emma, the Mad Fish gang, and Mad Fish. I want to stay a Mad Fish for as long as I can."


Sam Hickman

Kurt - Sound of Music World Tour, Dodger - UK National Tour of Oliver 2012/13 - Beauty and the Beast 'Chip' National Tour & South Pacific National Tour

"I love going to Mad Fish,everyone is friendly and we have fun learning new songs. Emma gives 100% of her time and she is very encouraging. Emma is always ready to help with any worries I might have. I always look forward to my next lesson as I enjoy going so much. I also enjoy going to glee club and meeting up with some of the other students."


Elisha Edwards


"Mad Fish,  a wonderful performing Arts Studio and Agency where every child’s individuality is acknowledged and celebrated.  Where they gain confidence and self-worth.  Where opportunities abound, dreams are realized and where talent and madness are equally appreciated"


Nicole Tuffin

Annie UK Tour

"I have been singing as far as I can remember. I started singing lessons whenI was only 8 years old but it has only been since I started lessons withEmma when I discovered what my voice can really do and how much progress Iam yet to make. Only a few years ago Emma started teaching me and I amaze myself when Itry new things that I would have never had the confidence to try before. Iam surprised that I am able to find new dimensions to my voice range and Ibelieve that no one else but Emma would have been able to take me so far.She coached me for my performance in "Little Voice" and for this, I will beforever grateful. Without her time, commitment and dedication I would have never been able to pull it off. Emma has helped me to develop my personal style and most of all she is responsible for my gain in confidence and self belief.I can't imagine what it would be like if she couldn't teach me any longer."


Alice Auer

London College of Music

"I have been studying with Emma since I was 9 years old.  Emma’s teaching has helped me come a long way throughout my years with her. She has helped me with my technique, my characterisation and just to be a better all round performer.I can confidently say that I do not know a nicer more caring singing teacher! It is also great that she pays attention to you, and gives everyone a fair amount of time.I will defiantly continue to have Emma as my singing teacher as she has also grown to be a friend as well as an amazing singing teacher!I would just like to thank Emma for being there and helping me develop into the singer I am today throughout the 8 years!"


Georgia Faye Steele


"Mad fish is a great group to join for anyone who wants to be mentored, encouraged, taught, loved and appreciated. Everyone is equal and every individual encourages the other. Talent is nurtured and grows in a friendly, family-like environment under the watchful wing of Mama-Fish, Emma along with Sarah, Will and Zach plus a host of other talented people. My daughter has been accepted into her second family with open arms and she really feels she belongs.

Madfish is the place to go and Madfish is the place to grow!"


Darcy Jacobs


"I think that Mad fish is really fun and I have made lots of new friends. I loved being in Les Miserable show and I am really looking forward to being in West end by the sea show too. I look forward to my junior glee group and singing lessons all week. Emma is always kind and helps me to get better with my singing. I was really excited about my solo in the award concert and felt really proud of myself when I got my award. I love being a Madfish"


Sam Clay


"Having trained with Emma for 2 years I can confidently say she was the best singing teacher I have come across. During my time with Emma she helped me find my own voice, learn valuable technique and learn control. With Emma I grew as a vocalist enormously and through my training with her I gained a place at my dream school Mountview Theatre Academy as well as other top london schools. Emma has a great talent of focusing purely on the individual she's teaching at the time and not make you feel part of a group or brand your time with Emma is YOUR time with Emma. Emma is a loving and caring person who makes you feel like a friend as well as a student. Although a loving person Emma is also extremely honest and has made me a perfectionist in her attention to detail as far as vocal training goes. I will never forget Emma as a tutor and throughout my career I will recommend her to anyone I come across looking for a top singing teacher."


Zach Le Cheminent

Jesus Christ Superstar National Tour

"Mad Fish is a great friendly community that hosts amazing talent. You learn a lot and come out singing better than you did when you started"


Verity Reed


"I've come so far in such a short time it's unbelievable. I've sung in front of about 200 people recently; if you said I would be doing this a year or two ago I would of laughed! But now, thanks to Em, I'm singing everywhere confidently. She is the best teacher around!"


Siobhan Mason


"Hi Emma, Just to say a really big thank you for such a lovely eve and to thank you for giving Dec such a brilliant week.I think it was one of those weeks that he will always remember right into adulthood and although alot of them have had amazing professional experiences, this week I bet will stand out for them as being one of their best experiences ever as they had so much fun on the way!!!! It was just so obvious they all had such a brilliant time and the show was so funny, they all were so relaxed though which was just so great to see.I am in awe of all of them all!!! It was fab fab fab.....just like you ;-)Thank you so much again for all your time and sure is infectious!!! Siobhan XXX" 


Sara Dyer


"Thank you, Emma, for everything you've done for Maisie over the past few years. You have helped her to find her voice and to develop from a shy, unconfident child into an assured young performer who hopes to make a career on the stage. One particularly special moment for me was seeing her sing at her aunt's wedding, a performance so touching that my sister and other members of my family say that it was the highlight of a perfect day. Maisie would never have been able to do it without you having nurtured both her talent and confidence. Not only are you a fantastic, fun and inspirational teacher but you genuinely care for each of your pupils, and that's why they and their parents all adore you."Thanks againSara xxx


Keith Stockford

Singing for fun Member

"Hi Emma,Great show last night. You have the ability to instill the emotion and acting into your students performances. What a great group they are!Oh, by the way, I offered Declan the next slot as Cabaret MC - He`s got a future! Regards, Keith"


Karen Bassett


"Dear Emma, We just wanted to mail you to say congratulations on such an incredible show of talent at your Xmas concert on Saturday. You have raised a tremendous group of vocalists all of whom we thoroughly enjoyed listening to. To see the excellent and happy relationships that you have with your students is particularly moving and you should rightfully feel proud of your achievements. When we see how the older children have developed in the last 18 months alone since we first knew them, it makes us feel excited to think of how Grace will develop under your expert guidance. We and her school teachers are already noticing the improvement in her use of hervoice and to see her up there looking and singing so confidently on Saturday was a lovely moment -Steve was so choked to her performinghe completely forgot to take a photo of her on stage so I was rather glad I was filming it all! Well done and thank you for all your hard work in creating such an enjoyable evening for both students and their families,we will certainly look forward to the next concert in May. Grace is just loving her singing lessons with you and we thank you sincerely for all you are doing to help her. " Kind Regards Karen & Grace xx 


Marylou Gibson

Singing for Fun member

"Make new friends, sing, have fun. Put these in any order and they all happen at Mad Fish." 


Ginny Gregory


"Emma has the wonderful ability to combine excellence with sheer fun. Theo has not only loved every minute of Ems lessons he has had the enormousprivilege of being taught by a gifted teacher. An extra bonus are the joyous Mad Fish concerts eagerly anticipated by parents and students alike :)" 


Anita Auer


"I feel Alice was lucky to have Emma enter ‘her world’ six years ago. Alice loves to sing, dance and act and Emma now plays a huge part in her life.When a new idea is hatched (either by Emma or Alice – I am never quite sure who!) Alice will rush home and look at ways of developing the idea. A recent example of this was when ‘Wonderland’ was mentioned for the summer school and we now have ideas for make-up, costumes, characterizations etc etc all around the house! Emma is many things to Alice in addition to her singing teacher - she is a confidante, she is someone to have a giggle with, she is a ‘sounding board’ forideas and the person who can expand or steer Alice’s creativity and enthusiasm, she is the person who smiles and reassures Alice when she is nervous and, most importantly for me, she has occasionally been a surrogate mummy and stepped into my shoes when I have been unable to be with Alice while she has been performing - for this more than anything else I thank you Emma (you have a mention in the front of my dissertation J).Emma you are part of ‘Auer’ world and we hope to be able to follow you as you spread your wings in your world. Love and thanks always Anita Auer xx" 


Daniel Ogilvie

Evita National Tour

"I have been a student at Mad Fish for years and have loved every second of it. When I first joined I had a love for singing but no real technique or knowledge of how to properly sing. In the three years I have been a student I have learnt how to control my breathing, how to hit higher notes, how to perform a song not just with my voice but with my face as well and understand how my body works when I sing. I have learnt so much and I am constantly learning new techniques and exercises to make me a better singer. Mad Fish has allowed me to improve so much since I started and I have made so many brilliant friends along the way, I’m so glad I made the decision to start lessons at Mad Fish. Thank you Emma you are the most amazing teacher I have ever had, you have allowed me to grow in confidence both as a singer and as a person and helped me realise what I want to do with my life. I don’t know where I would be without Mad Fish! x 


Dee Howes


"Emma has an amazing way of bringing out the best in her students and is highly thought of by students and parents alike. The concerts and summer school in particular are calender highlights."


Josie Cavendish

Singing for Fun Member

"If you enjoy singing but may not feel confident as a soloist, Singing For Fun is for you. It is an amazing opportunity to sing a wide range of songs fromJolson to ELO, some Sinatra, Dylan, Beatles or anything else you may fancy with a great group of people. Emma is supportive, flexible and wonderful fun. It doesn't seem to matter how tough a day has been, I always leave Singing For Fun feeling brighter! " 


Jo Watson


"I have seen my daughter grow from a child who barely opened her mouth in group singing lessons to a young woman whosings constantly and looks forward to singing solo in front of an audience. Emma has taught her not only the technical side of singing, but has instilled the joy and passion in music that she so obviously feels herself. I cannot recommend Emma and Madfish highly enough" 


Hilary Cole

Singing for Fun Member

"When I joined this group nearly 2 years ago I had only sung to myself, in the car, in the kitchen and doing housework. I didn't feel at all confident and didn't feel I had a good enough voice to sing out there!!After being with Emma and Singing for Fun it has given me a confidence to sing out there and I don;t mind now who hears me!It really is Singing for Fun ad our harmonies sound great. Some of my friends have seen and heard us sing and always ask me about the group. They are quite envious but don't join as they think they can't sing, I always say come and give it a try.  Mad Fish involves everyone and we get together to sing at concerts it's the best tonic ever.Thank you Emma 


Gigi Griffiths

Singing for fun member

"I really enjoyed your enthusiastic approach, an inspirational teachere is always a joy. As a novice singer I'm very grateful to have enjoyed your wonderful singing for funThank you" 


Observer Newspaper

The creme de la creme of 1066 Country came out to receive their much deserved awards The 1066 Business Awards 2012 event was held on Thursday 19th July, 2012, in the Montgomerie Suite at Bannatynes Spa Hotel, Hastings.Over 200 attended the black tie awards evening where a super three course meal was served. The MC on the night was TV, film and stage actor Jonathan Linsley and the host was Meridian’s Fred Dinenage.Entertainment was supplied by the students of the Mad Fish Studios where Emily Carey (who is at present appearing in the West End show ‘Shrek’), Robyn Ashwood (who is appearing in the West End show ‘Matilda’) and the Mad Fish Glee Club’ all performed wonderfully and received standing ovations on the night. 


Francesca Cano-Carciofa


"Congratulations! Amazing results! Really proud of you as our teacher and a wonderful inspirer!"


Janet Brooks


"Just had to let you know Emma how fantastic last night was.
As you know it was our first performance watching Abigail but we were genuinely shocked at how professional EVERY Performer was - AMAZING!!
Thank you for such a memorable evening"


Ginny Gregory


"Wanted to let you know how amazing I thought Les Mis was. It was such a massive and bold undertaking but must have far exceeded your expectations. It was just so professional and exciting to watch, the standard was stunning and I wouldn't have enjoyed watching a West End performance more. It was  so courageous giving the same roles to different students,  just would have loved to have gone to all the performances and seen them all."


Kim Sellars


"Congratulations on your first production it was absolutely amazing,  loved it. I always think a show is a success if I cry, and believe me I sobbed! Each and every one of your students was incredible, so talented. 

I was so proud of my boy, I know how much he loved playing Marius and every time I hear empty chairs I get emotional. 

Well done and I look forward to the next one ;-) "


Cassie Leonard


"Well done you for all the time and effort involved to get this project off the ground.  You are a marvel!  The shows were brilliant, so many tear stained faces after each one, the fishes are truly talented and dedicated."


Judy Lown

Singing for Fun Member

"Hi Emma I expect you have been inundated with emails but just wanted to say a HUGE congratulations for the show , it was brilliant the cast were so professional and sang amazingly . You must be so proud of them ! All down to you well done ! Judy x"


David Hunt

Critic - Les Miserables

"Conscequently,any amature company attempting to present this masterpiece must be well aware of the enormity of the task facing them.How much greater is the reward therefore when a triumph such as that scored by Mad Fish is brought to the stage.Many people will be familar with this show which has been popularised even further by the recent movie and DVD.Comparrisons  therefore are far more likely to be made. I have seen several productions and can say it stands comparrison to most and outshines many into the bargain.

So much detail had been applied to this production that many of the parts had been multi cast to provide understudies.The names I have mentioned are therefore those of the players I saw on the day. As anyone who has seen this show is aware,it has a huge cast and those involved in this production all gave more than their best.The large ensemble which ended the show lifted the roof and earned a standing ovation.As a final word to Emma Burnett the director and her team-Yes ,we heard the people sing and thanks to your memorable production we'll hear them still when tromorrow comes!"


Carys Williams

Student - Joanna Lumley Scholarship

"Madfish is a great place to study and I felt part of the Madfish family from day 1.  As a singer I have developed, been encouraged and stretched. I am grateful to be studying with such amazing teachers and talented fishes, whether in lessons, Glee Club, concerts or musical productions we always have a huge amount of fun!"


Frankie and Shannon


"We have been with Madfish for a few years and have both done singing and drama lessons as well as taking part in productions. It has boosted our confidence in every way. It has been a great way for us to express ourselves and explore our interests. We have made new friends and has been a wonderful experience to share with family."


Maxine Stewart


"Frankie and Shannon have come a long way with Madfish. They have learnt so much and are still keen to learn more.  The experience of the tutors/professional that take the class etc really has brought out the best in the girls and given them the encouragement to continue.  I really am delighted with Madfish and always look forward to any productions or concerts that they do as they are of a very professional nature.  Emma and her team work wonders and if anyone is thinking of their child joining, I say don't think, just do it!"


Isobel Corbin


"I've loved being with Mad Fish as I've made lots of friends, learnt new things and its built my confidence.  But most of all, its been fun and Emma always makes us proud of what we do."

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