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Singing Scholarships


To Apply  to our Scholarship Programme.

We are currently taking applications via a video submission followed by a 15 minute audition class.

If you wish to apply you will need to :-

1 - Record yourself singing a verse and a chorus of a song - this can be any song

2 - Write a short description about yourself in connection to performing, training and why you would like to be considered.


Videos and other information can be sent via to

This information will only be used to assess students and will not be shared with any other persons and will then be destroyed.


Deadline for applications is 31st November 2022

Scholarships may be awarded as follows

1st Term 100%

2nd Term 75%

3rd Term 50%

Further Terms 25%

Open to students aged 6-18 and not already taking one to one singing with Mad Fish Performing Arts

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